Next level infrastructure going in at this luxury pool and outdoor living environment project, a collaboration with J.Brownlee Design(Designer & Landscape Architect) and Parkinson Building Group – Little rock (Architect and Home Builder) in Waterview Estates, Roland, Arkansa — 36 30′ piers are being built on site and installed to provide the necessary substructure for the pool and expansive outdoor living space.

Designer: J.Brownlee Design
Architect/Home Builder: Parkinson Building group

“Retreat in the Woods”, our latest Luxury Pool + Outdoor Living project in Overland Park, Kansas. Features include an open air living room with countless custom finishes, wood burning fireplace with a monolithic granite hearth, bar and kitchen. The spacious pool is appointed with natural stone coping, large granite water features and fire elements blurring the lines between pool and landscape.

Design by Lorax Design Group
Construction: Thrasher Pool & Spa

Our latest project is under way in Magen’s Bay. This Infinity Edge plunge pool sits perched on cliffside with incredible ocean views. The piers and slab are poured. After curing we’ll setup hard forms, pour the vessel and waterproof with Basecrete Technologies, LLC. Finishes will include Oceanside Glasstile and Diamond Bright interior from Aqualuxe Supplies.

Our latest luxury pool renovation is underway in Peterborg Point. The view from the vanishing edge pool is breathtaking and our material selections aim to enhance this view and breath new life into this outdoor living space. The waterline is wrapped in a gorgeous Oceanside Glasstile from Aqualuxe building supplies in St Thomas. The tired, white interior will be replaced with a midnight blue interior blending the infinity edge surface with the distant ocean backdrop.