Luxury Pool Design & Construction

Luxury Pool & Spa Design

We begin with a consultation and property analysis. Each project is a personalized design in harmony with the home and outdoor environment. Exacting design details and specifications are created to facilitate a smooth construction process.

Traveling Construction Consulting

Thrasher Pool and Spa is based in Atlanta, Georgia but operates globally offering design and construction consulting services to clients from Texas to the US Virgin Islands. Our diverse design and construction experience covers various climates, architectural styles, technologies and construction methods.

Construction Administration

A design is only as good as it’s built and Thrasher Pool and Spa excels at bringing exceptional designs to life. In order to accomplish this, we have built strategic alliances with the industry’s top design and construction professionals. We engage their services for investigation, design, cost-budgeting and/or implementation if required. We orchestrate the construction process from start to finish and deliver the skill required to produce the the highest quality results.

Step 4:

Chris Fogleman, Thrasher’s founder and director of operations, is on site daily to supervise every detail of the project and make sure all work meets Thrasher’s standards!